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The life and times of the elusive Norwegian zombie

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Name:Shaded Mazoku
Birthdate:May 18
Shaded Mazoku noun:

(Daemonis zombius norvegicus )

The Shaded Mazoku is a creature native to the western coast of Norway, though it is prone to random short-term migration. It appears to be a undead subspecies of the (Un)Common Mazoku (Daemonis pandemonius). This species is identifiable by having a short, plump stature, various shades of red or purple hair, an affinity for swishy black clothing and an uncommonly dirty mind. Another name for this creature is Queen Zombie.

The Shaded Mazoku’s native habitat is in front of a computer screen, but it can occasionally be found wandering. The creature does its best to avoid crowds. Its diet seems to consist largely of tea and chocolate, though it is a predator and has a distinct fondness for meat and brains.
Unlike most other breeds of demon and undead, the Shaded Mazoku does not favour the typical evil dens, but rather builds a nest, which it fills with random objects. The creature is a notorious packrat and will gather things that makes no sense to many. Among the known objects this creature hoards, one will find dolls, bat figurines, video games and large amounts of homoerotic literature.

By nature, the Shaded Mazoku is generally somewhat friendly, but rather shy and paranoid around new people. It is often loud, and possesses some linguistic talent, though it gets confused and speaks in several different languages at once. As long as it has access to tea, the internet and some means of writing, the Shaded Mazoku’s main activity, it is usually quite placid. However, one should take notice that the creature is known for its bad temper and creativity, which is a bad combination, and there have never been any reports of it being tamed. It is also notorious for being very slow at pretty much everything, including writing.

NB: Approach with caution. The Shaded Mazoku might be small, but it is semi-psychotic and very ferocious for its size, and possesses sharp teeth. For unknown reasons, it is proficient in the use of scythes and scalpels. It is also prone to hearing voices in its head, and often listens to these. Fortunately, many of these voices merely ask for mansmut. This creature should be kept away from bike lanes at all costs.
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